Forerunner: ‘Other’ Call records Pt.2

Call records less examined, Part 2: Dolfino Phone Box

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The Dolphin/Dolfino phone box entered relevance early in the case, as the owners of the Dolfino restaurant both mentioned an unusual man hanging around the phone box in the days leading up to the events of May 3rd. A photofit was drawn up from Dereck Flack’s sighting, and was corroborated by the Marais couple. A photofit was also drawn up from the testimony of Lance Purser, who was describing an individual he saw in the weeks before (likely not the same person).


Left: Flack/Marais efit, Right: Lance Purser efit

I believe I have identified a strong candidate for this efit (with documented link to Gerry), but for now I will continue providing the call data, and circle back to that in a future post. You can read Dereck Flack’s statements here, the Marais couple’s statements here (Adriaan Marais) and here (Lizelle Marais), and the PJ dilligence carried out on the Marais efit here.


Dolfino Restaurant/phone box in bottom left, McCann apartment (5A) and Creche noted for reference/perspective

I’m sure it need not be said, but remember that these are records from a public phone box, as such the majority of names/numbers here probably are irrelevant. But the testimony of the Marais couple dictates that we should perform dilligences on all these numbers, and particularly those which correlate with their given times.

Only outgoing calls are listed in the files, and only one document. Phone boxes have the facility to be dialled, so where we see very short calls, it is possible they were dialled back. If this occurred, we are not afforded the records here (which is not to say that the PJ wouldn’t have that data).


Dolphin Restaurant callbox records

You will note immediately that rather than ‘unknown’, I have marked one number with an asterisk. This is due to the frequency and specific timing (always around 0055 or 1812-25) of the calls to this number, the calls never exceeding 90 seconds. This is a Lisbon number, and unlisted. I have been told that it could possibly be a governmental department number, or a private number, for instance a diplomat. The only embassy with matching initial 6 numbers is the Senegalese embassy – not enough to make a match. However as it’s a Portuguese number, it’s fair to assume that the PJ could, or did track this number down. Thank you to Isabelle McFadden for this information re the likelihood it’s a diplomatic number. Thanks also to Beatriz Belchior for her recent efforts to help me identify this number, which reached the same conclusion.

Moving forward:

Peter Hember – A native of Bromsgrove who frequently visits Praia da Luz. Works for a cement company based in Worcester. Aside from an unidentified Bristol-area number, his is the only other number dialled more than once, and it is maybe of note that the calls he received were ‘between 1600-1800’, which is the time period Adriaan and Lizelle Marais both made reference to seeing the ‘suspicious man’.

Craig and Helen Richards – A couple in Brentwood. Called once just outside the time period given by the Marais couple.

Hugo Sagres – Likely surf tutor Hugo Figueirido.

Samuel Filipe – Former Algarve resident, now lives in the UK with his English fiance

‘Pmdeloureiro’ – Probably Paulo Maia de Loureiro, a Lisbon resident and former purser at TAP Air Portugal. Long call (21 minutes) and falls within the time period given by the Marais couple. Note that this is not a 100% identification.

EDIT 28/01/18 – With a little more digging in the files, I have confirmed the above in this document.


Ricardo Kiki – A Lagos resident, involved with XRX Bmx group. Facebook friend of Wim Bosman (owner of Dolphin restaurant).

Delvira Rosa de Jesus Reis – A resident of Nova Santa Barbara, Brazil.

Amy Tierney (Doncaster) – Amy Tierney’s home number in England. Amy Tierney was the Head of the Baby and Mini clubs at the Ocean Club (Madeleine was in the Mini club). First called at 1711 for just 2 seconds, before two later calls (4 seconds, then 5 mins 54 seconds) which sandwich a call to Amy’s mobile number. It would be fair to intimate that these calls are inter-related.

Amy Tierney – An 11 second call to Amy Tierney’s mobile number. Note this is an English mobile number. As mentioned, this call falls between the 4 second call to Amy’s Doncaster home and the 5 mins 54 seconds call to the same. There is less than a minute’s gap between all three of these numbers being dialled. Amy’s statements make no mention of calls earlier in the evening, and some of the nanny’s statements imply that she later knew which child was missing in short order.

Amy’s interviews


I felt the Bristol number may be of some relevance given that it was also dialled on the 3rd (as well as the 1st). As I noted above, the number is a Bristol one. I was only able to find one mention of a Bristol resident who worked at the Ocean Club, that being Steve Carruthers, who was informally interviewed according to the files, at the same time people such as Chris Unsworth and Alice Stanley (sailing instructors) were interviewed. He now works as a Physics teacher at a Bristol grammar school.


Next up, I will begin presenting the data from the Ocean Club call records. These are over multiple sheets so please bear with me as I present them, it will take some time to do so.

Forerunner: ‘Other’ Call records Pt.2

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