‘Going dark’

I set up this blog with an ancillary email account that I don’t often check. I have noticed recently that anytime I put this blog on private, I get requests from people in that inbox to gain access to the blog.


I generally close the blog when I try to take some time off the case, as it can be quite heavy. I’ve never really written personal things on here but I will say, the Netflix debacle left me feeling quite bereft of hope in this case. But thanks to Mark Saunokonoko’s podcasts and the wise words of the wonderful Lizzy Taylor, I feel in better spirits now.


Thank you to all who still look at this very sporadic blog and those of you who support me privately, you know who you are. If anyone has suggestions or ideas for things they’d like to see explored here feel free to let me know, here or elsewhere.


– Ben

‘Going dark’

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