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I set up this blog with an ancillary email account that I don’t often check. I have noticed recently that anytime I put this blog on private, I get requests from people in that inbox to gain access to the blog.


I generally close the blog when I try to take some time off the case, as it can be quite heavy. I’ve never really written personal things on here but I will say, the Netflix debacle left me feeling quite bereft of hope in this case. But thanks to Mark Saunokonoko’s podcasts and the wise words of the wonderful Lizzy Taylor, I feel in better spirits now.


Thank you to all who still look at this very sporadic blog and those of you who support me privately, you know who you are. If anyone has suggestions or ideas for things they’d like to see explored here feel free to let me know, here or elsewhere.


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‘Going dark’

Russell O’Brien in Aljezur?

With the news of human remains being found in Aljezur, I was reminded of this topic. I had previously intended to write about it, but got sidetracked with developments.

Firstly, as these remains go, my first inclination was to think that the remains may relate to the young German boy Renè Hasèe, who disappeared from an Aljezur beach in 1996. If not him then likely an adult, the remains being older. According to Google Earth there are several ruined farmhouses in the Forno do Cal area (thank you to Isabelle McFadden for helping me isolate the specific area). These buildings were all ruins in the oldest afforded images (2004).

UPDATE: The bones have been identified as ‘belonging to a woman’.


Various derelict farmhouses around Aljezur (2015)


Certainly, it has not crossed my mind that they are related to Madeleine. This is because there are no solid links with Aljezur in the case whatsoever. All we have are;

  • The Russell O’Brien ping on which this blog will expand
  • An impossible (errant) ping from Fiona Payne’s phone:

    There follow records made at 10:49:57 and 10:50:11 on the repeater installed in the [parish] of Aljezur, municipal area of Aljezur, district of Faro.
    Given the existing records before these last [two], in Aljezur, there seems to have occurred an error in the records remitted by the operator Optimus, considering that, according to the computer program Microsoft AutoRoute 2007, Lagos is a distance, in a straight line, of about 26 km from Aljezur, and closer to 34 km by road. To cover this distance in about two and a half minutes one would have to travel at a speed of 816 km/h, which is impossible to be achieved in any terrestrial vehicle produced up to this time.
    The listing of activations of mobile phone (44)779-627-2586 end with the last record in Aljezur.



  • A phone contact of Robert Murat’s who owns ruins in Aljezur (‘Paul A’) Source
  • A ‘sighting’ in an Aljezur garden which turned out to be the child of the owners. Source


So, to Russell’s Aljezur ping. The files have this to say on the trip:

…only at 14:07:44 on 7th does one
observe a record outside that locality. That record occurs on the antenna
installed in the
[parish] of Aljezur, municipal area of Aljezur, district of
The records return to the antennae of Luz at 14:24:00.
Curiously, on this day only Russell and Matthew activate other antennae outside
Luz. The first activates the antenna referred to before, while the second
activates “Budens 1”. If on the one hand the movement of Matthew to Budens is
acceptable, then the trip of Russell to Aljezur in these first days so soon after
the disappearance is somewhat strange, it not being that, once more to the
picture of Fiona Payne on 12 July, there exists an error in the data that the
operator Optimus remitted to the Police. There is an hypothesis of him having
made that journey, there being sufficient time for him to cover the distance that separates Luz from Aljezur (68 km.) at an average [speed] of 130 km/h.
Despite there being no other records from the mobile phones of the other members
of the group outside the antennae of Luz, there exist gaps in the times [of the
records] that make it possible for one of them to have accompanied him.
Therefore, accepting that Russell was effectively in the coverage area of that
antenna, then on this date the members of the group would already have had
access to a motor vehicle.


The above qualifications by the PJ assume direct transit between the two villages. That is to say, the direct route between Praia da Luz and Aljezur, which is presently (according to google maps) 35.5km each way, which is approximately 33 mins each way, assuming the speed limit. The PJ have above hypothesised that the distance could be covered if he travelled at 130km/h. It should be noted, the speed limit on motorways (which the A22 is not) is 120km/h. Trunk roads, the limit is 100km/h.

Consider also that this is an a to b to a calculation. It does not accomodate time spent in Aljezur.

Importantly, the report has specified that Aljezur PARISH was pinged.

Thus, the PJ have not included their calculations so as to say ‘this explains the ping’, they have simply included an accurate calculation on how literal transit to Aljezur and back would be possible. What we need to do, when looking deeper, is locate the requisite towers, their coverage areas, and the real distance required to ‘ping Aljezur Parish’, rather than ‘be in Aljezur’. I have done so in the following image:


(As inevitably this image will be resized by wordpress, please click here to view the picture in proper size)


It should also be noted that Gerry called Russell at 22:34 the same day he made this journey. This seems like an oddity given they were only a few doors away, though it is not isolated (there was a 58 second call from Russ to Gerry on the 5th, and several calls involving David Payne early on).

However if we are taking this Aljezur drive/ping as suspicious, things like this call become more important. Unfortunately Russell’s phone records are not itemised in the files, outside the 2nd-4th (also records from the start of the holiday exist in Anexo 37 but this was not released). The intimation, though, would be that either Russell was scouting the area he drove in, or was disposing of something.

Remember, though it took months to come out in any detail, Russell admits to washing sheets on the night of May 3rd (claiming his daughter had vomitted on them). The detail of this is inconsistent, as is the tale of what time he and Matt got up/came back.

By one timeline, for instance, Russ gets up with Matt just ten minutes after Jane returns from her check, with Matt and himself saying they would check on the McCann children, but both decide to check their own apartments first, despite passing the McCann apartment on the way, and despite the fact Russ’s child was only checked 10 minutes prior. Jane comments in her rogatory that on her check both her daughters were ‘quiet’, but apparently in 10 minutes she has vomitted and sheets need washing (as Russ said – they had a washing machine, ‘it wasnt a third world country’). Possible, of course, but questionable.

Russ does, however, place himself inside the McCann apartment checking on indeterminate previous night(s).

‘I listened at the MC CANN’S apartment and believe that this was around 23:00hours, on all occasions the children were ok. During the week I checked on some occasions and listened at others.’


This would appear to be a retrofit, but why? Any forensic trace of him could’ve been explained away as contamination when people were going in and out after the alarm was raised. Is it possible he was washing soiled sheets from 5A? If he was in possession of an item like that, getting rid of it would be a necessary move.

Looking at the crossover coverage areas, Bensafrim is covered, as well as Odiaxere and the Barragem da  Bravura (including the main road up to it).


Barragem da Bravura, photo by Brian Bould


We know that later on the Arade (around 30km from Bravura) was searched, but under suspicious circumstances (many doubted the search and the odd fact that the animal bones recovered were handed to Metodo 3 rather than the PJ for identification).

Interestingly, Bravura was topically searched – on the 8th of May:

45. Given the number of days that had passed since the disappearance of Madeleine McCann it was considered appropriate to request help from the Lagos Voluntary Firemen who took part in the operations, and on this day carried out searches as the Bravura dam, situated to the north of Odeaxere, using their aquatic equipment, considering that a body that has fallen or been thrown into water tends to surface after 72 hours, this team searched all the branches of the dam using an outboard motor and found nothing suspicious.


This was the day after Russell’s Aljezur ping.

In Bensafrim, an ‘Alisuper bag’ was handed in by a British lady on June 16th, containing;

…various items of clothing, namely one (01) checkered shirt, two (02) pairs of trousers and three (03) empty and torn bin bags.

And in Funchal (small village East of Luz) a bag was found (undated). Source (both)

Note that if you were to take the A22 to Aljezur, you would pass through both Funchal and Bensafrim. Could either of these bags have been deposited by Russ? While it seems unlikely he would be driving and effectively ‘littering’, the possibility remains. If, as the PJ asserted when the process was shelved, there was an obfuscation of Madeleine’s body, it makes sense that physical evidence would remain, and said evidence would need to be disposed of.

While trash would seem more logical (Gerry McCann and Michael Wright were known, for instance, to use at least 4 different refuse sites in a radius around the villa, including the bins outside cemetery), this assumes that it would not be of benefit for any evidence to be found. Evidence in an obscure rural location would actually strengthen the narrative of an abductor.

To this end I want to finish by revisiting the De Telegraaf saga. A letter to a Dutch newspaper led to a search at Arao – North of Odiaxere – on June 13th. This was barely a month after Russell pinged in the area, and was just 7 days after the McCanns were in Amsterdam. Gerry maintained contact with old colleagues at vUMC Amsterdam (Beek and Nijdveldt), especially on those dates.


Location of Arao, only just outside tower range for both Aljezur and Luz

This search was called off after just 3-4 hours, and it was publically dismissed by the lead detectives involved. Nevertheless there is the well known photo of an ‘Aztec rug’ being removed, and press reports circulated at the time saying that Madeleine’s dna had been found there. If nothing else, it fit the narrative.

Vestiges Collected

1 blanket in a poor state of conservation, pink on one side and orange on the other.

Observations: From indications written to a Dutch newspaper.


Irene Trovao


The press reports came far too early to be taken seriously, so the truth about this blanket remains unknown to us. Despite being doctors, the findings in 5A and the Scenic prove that nothing is perfectly, clinically washed away, even by the most able. If an item was left to be found, and still held partial traces of Madeleine, it follows that someone else’s dna would likely be present too. This could perhaps, then, be another candidate for the piece of ‘stand alone evidence’ referred to by Paulo Rebelo (along with evidence of decomposition or sedation in hairs, cctv and so on).


The blanket recovered in Arao search


It is futile to guess or assume, but there are questions which must be asked.

As always I welcome corrections/feedback.


Russell O’Brien in Aljezur?

‘Other’ Call Records Pt. 3

Call records less examined, Part 3: The Ocean Club

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In what will likely be the last piece I do on external call records (lest my eyes start glazing over), I will finish by looking at the records afforded us in the files regarding Ocean Club phone traffic.

It should immediately be noted that even though this was an ‘off season’ period of time, there were still a significant amount of people in the resort, and likewise a lot of traffic is ‘noise’ so to speak. Many calls will be business related – whether relating to excursions/activities, provision of food from the supermarket,  administrative calls, utilities etc.

There are also a lot of extensions within the resort, so without further information, it is not ever completely fair to assume where exactly a call originated. Bear in mind the following from the files in this;

The search for the detail of this number was done on the main telephone number, which is a DDI with 100 extensions and therefore only the communications made via operator appear as number 282771000, all the others are on the main number 2827710.


With the above in mind, I will also make clear calls that take place during the time periods that Madeleine was reported to have been collected/dropped off at the creche.

As there are five sheets to go through, I will take these in order. As always, I request/encourage any and all corrections, feedback or further information on anything presented here (especially unidentified numbers). And as mentioned in Part one, if you see your number here and wish it removed, I can adjust the post in future if you contact me. This series of blogs is intended for reference, not invasion of privacy.


Ocean Club calls in from 00:00:38 to 14:08:55 on May 3rd, 2007 (original)



Lagos Marina Fax – This is an interesting one to begin with. Quoting from the Lagos Marina website;

Incoming mail will be accepted if addressed c/o Marina de Lagos – Edifício da Administração, 8600-780 Lagos, Portugal.
The name of your yacht must be clearly indicated.


This implies that any business with the Marina would regard a single vessel. The PJ investigated what yachts were docked at the time (and contrary to media reports, the ‘Fun Too’ was tracked down and bore no mystery). To my knowledge, there has been no mention of a link between any OC guest and ownership of a yacht. It bears mention here that Kate McCann singled out a yacht in the Lagos Marina (the Shearwater) asking the PJ to investigate it based on a friend’s vision. It too was ruled out. Kate later asked a friend to pray for Madeleine at the marina.

Of course, all of these things could be extraneous to the specific faxes, but there is every reason to make sure. As well as early on the 3rd, there is also a fax there around 07:09 on the morning of the 4th.

Boavista Golf/Antonio Castelo – Antonio Castelo is ‘Director of Golf’ at the Boavista course. This specific number is ascribed generally to the course, but is also attributed to him personally.


Parque da Floresta Golf Resort Fax – Two numbers, both appearing to be ascribed to fax facilities at the Parque da Floresta resort. The number ending 0055 is more specifically golf course related, whereas the other is more generally the resort. The phone number ending 0054 is similarly for the golf course. Parque da Floresta is West of Praia da Luz, at Vila do Bispo.


Telepac Assistencia – A helpline for the ISP company now known as SAPO.


‘STC Supplies’ East Midlands – A curious entry, this number being ascribed to a Nottingham property which advertises businesses online, either STC Supplies (simply stating ‘tools’), or ‘Commercial Microwave Services’, which while having a different number ascribed, still has the same address. I was unable to find company records or even websites/advertisements for either of these. Nottingham is 27 miles from Rothley.

Credito Agricolo Luz – Fax and phone calls to CA Bank.


Ocean Country – A former sister company of the Ocean Club, so to speak. Ocean Country is a high-end estate agency. Run in part by ‘Murat lookalike’ Angus Symington.

Optico/Mamede & Son – This number is ascribed to both ‘Oculista da Luz’ and ‘Mamede & Filho’. In fact they are one and the same, ‘Mamede Optico’, and located on Rua Direita.


A Cegonha, Boutique Bebe e Pre Mama – Here we have two very short calls (15 seconds and 29 seconds) to a baby boutique store in the Lisbon municipality of Vila Franca de Xira.


Cristina Rio – I have only been able to source the name.

Edit 03/04/18 – the number in fact belonged to Vitor Manuel de Jesus Santos in 2007. Source

Thomas Cook – Holiday operator.

Mark Warner Holidays – Holiday operator.

Ana Matias (RE/MAX) – A RE/MAX realtor.


Ciclolagos – Advertised as offering mechanic services/sporting equipment. Business does not seem to be active any more, or has moved.


DVLA Driver Enquiries – UK DVLA Driver Enquiries.


Gascan – Energy company.


EDP – Energy company.


Jose Monteiro & Filho Lda – Company selling fuel.


British Vice Consulate, Portimao – The information provided in the sourced link is of interesting reading. This call was made around 1404 on the 3rd. It lasted just under three minutes. Given the information on their website, their number is not much use unless there is some kind of emergency or bereavement. However, we must qualify this with the fact that this was 2007, we werent all walking around with google in our pockets. It is entirely possible that the call to the Consulate was an errant one, its duration reflecting this as the ‘correct number’ for whatever issue was passed on.



Ocean Club calls in from 14:12:16 to 23:57:21 on May 3rd, 2007 (original)



Taxi Praia da Rocha – Taxi service for Praia da Rocha, which is literally South of Portimao.

Dr. Eduardo Brandao OR Ferro Perreira – This one has been a headache. Most searches turn up the number as Ferro Perreira, a gynaecologist/obstetrician based in Faro. However if you search the number with ‘Truecaller’, you get Dr. Eduardo Brandao, a vascular surgeon based in Lisbon. It is possible that Dr. Brandao previously worked at/ran the building which Ferro Perreira now does, but I have not been able to verify this either way.

It should be noted that Catriona Baker stated she saw Madeleine McCann dropped off at the creche at 1445, and this short (one minute) call comes at 1457. Nowhere in her published interviews does Cat ever mention seeing Maddie again – instead just saying Kate ‘went to get her’. If this was really the last mentioned independent sighting of Madeleine (and we must allow for the fact that the Portuguese interviews are only summaries, thus may miss a lot), then this call in theory could be very important.

Sources: Ferro Perreira Eduardo Brandao

Oceanico Group – An Algarve based golf resort company, with events curated by members of the Symington family, hence linked with the ‘Ocean’ name.


Bounceroo – Another oddity – despite the cartoonish name, a glance at Bounceroo’s website reveals them to be an above average quality party, catering, wedding, event etc organising company. Based in Norwich. No discernable links that I can find.


‘Ocean Luisa’ – Likely OC receptionist Luisa Coutinho.


Latincom Pt. Albergaria Artesanato – I have not been able to surmise much about this location, only confirm that it is in Odiaxere. It is/was either a hostel or craft store.

Edit 02/06/20 The number belongs to Julio Pires at Quinta da Achado in Odiaxere. He is listed as owner of Latincom. The company is also (possibly erroneously) listed as having the website foundationland.com, this was a Woking based real estate company (source)

Regaldino Bodiao/C.R.R Informatica e Servicos lda -A general IT store. Call lasts 2 mins 48 seconds. Possibly relevant if someone in the resort was asking how to wipe computer records, but again this would require followup to confirm.


Chris Critchlow – Chris was a secretary for Mark Warner until 2014. A tight band of three calls are made to him (home, then mobile twice), none exceeding 25 seconds in length. The nature of these calls should be ascertained.


Ze Joao – No details ascertained. Possibly the ‘Ze’ mentioned in Jeronimo Salcedas’ rogatory.

TV Cabo Lisbon – A communications company, similar to Virgin or BT, offering tv, internet, phone etc. Now known as NOS (also Zon in the interim). Thank you to Beatriz Belchior for clarifying this for me.


Via Directa – Albufeira based travel agents.


Luis Barros – Barman at Millenium restaurant. His statement makes reference to a call informing him of the events, but no mention of the earlier (21:21:55) call he received, also from the OC.


GNR – Guarda Nacional Republicana, see Part One

Jeronimo Salcedas? – Outspoken Tapas barman. Made references in his rogatory to later phonecalls. This is not a verified identification, but based on an educated guess. Number is confirmed in files.


EDIT 22/04/18: The number 01256363155, previously marked as ???, is a landline assigned to ‘Mr and Mrs Reap’ according to this pdf. This is a Basingstoke address, and OC guest Colin Donald Reap is based in Basingstoke, so it’s fair to assume it’s his number. It is interesting to note that while the Mark Warner arrival lists state that their booking was for three people, including their 3 year old daughter, every run sheet lists just 2 people in their apartment, even after they extended their stay by a week. There are 2+1 listed on their sole Tapas evening (05/05), though, and they don’t appear to have used the creche at all.

+351913420534 Belongs to Tiago Rocha Barreiros


Ocean Club call records in from 23:57:48 May 3rd to 12:15:13 May 4th (original)



Gordon Spence – Currently Head of Customer Services for Mark Warner.


Igreja de Santa Maria (Portimao) – Church in Lagos. Who was calling the Lagos church at 0432, and why?


Bruna Lourenco – I have been unable to find an individual by this name, however I did confirm this is NOT Nuno Lourenco’s wife, as her name is Birgit.

Rui Cruz/Aviludo Rui Octavio – I was unable to find further information on this name.

Ricardo Velho Martins – As above, I couldn’t find anything solid enough to warrant mention.

Ines Lopes – Former editor of the ‘Algarve Resident’.

Mark Rawcliffe – Commercial Director of ‘Algarve Resident’


Fotozoom/Manuel Gameiro Silva – Photographic equipment.


Silvia Batista – Head of Maintenance and Services at Ocean Club.

Source (interview)

Info – Number is assigned to the word ‘Info’, but with no small hint of irony, I am unable to find any information about the number.

‘Nik Dick’ – Another example of an unhelpful name being assigned. At a stretch it could be a nickname for Nicky Gill, but just as easily could be short for a name like Nick Richards. As such need more information to make any judgments.

Phillip Worral Solicitor – Lancashire based solicitor.


Policia Judiciaria Portimao – Policia Judiciaria in Portimao



Ocean Club call records in from 12:17:23 to 17:34:25, May 3rd 2007 (original)



Transmarsil/Refrige Fax – Another confusing entry. Either the fax number for ‘Transmaril‘, a Loule based haulage company, or ‘Refrige‘, also based in Loule, which deals with soft drinks like Coca Cola.

Alexandra Soares – Algarve based Property solicitor.

Social Services Centre Lagos ‘Centro de Assistencia Social Lucinda Anino dos Santos’ – An establishment founded in the 1920’s, providing support and education for underprivileged youths.


Baptista – The supermarket chain.

Jinny Harman – Villa Management company.


‘Dulce Ar D Rio’ – Unknown

John Hill – Ocean Club manager. Despite his role he appears to have only been formally interviewed in June. Hill maintained contact with Gerry McCann into the end of August. Strangely, Hill’s number was listed as unidentified, while his wife’s number was on record.

Source (interview)

The Sovereign Group – ‘Company Formation’ in Portugal. This call was on May 4th. Quoting from their website, they offer;




Faro Airport – Faro Airport.

Ken Gillespie – Glasgow area code, no other information to hand.

Bom Dia Actividades Maritimas – Boat trips from Lagos.


Avelino – Unknown.

Jose Novo – Local resident of Lagos.


Ocean Club calls in from 17:35:53 to 23:21:43 on May 4th 2007, plus operator dialled calls from May 3rd (original)



Craig Mayhew – Then UK Operations Manager for Mark Warner. Flew out to the resort in short order if the run sheets are accurate (booked in under ‘Mahye’ since May 4th according to May 5th run).


Silves GNR – These are odd calls. They are made at around 1500 on May 3rd, and via operator,  but rather than local GNR, Silves GNR are called, twice. I have seen no mention of earlier events at the resort involving GNR, much less 15 minutes after Cat Baker last gave a time to seeing Madeleine. Geographically, Silves is further from Luz than Portimao. Have these calls been explained?

Batista & Batista – Batista supermarket.


Now, bearing in mind the following creche sheets (for whatever you consider them worth), here are calls condensed down into the time periods Gerald or Kate were said to be at the creche dropping off or picking up the children:

processopdf01page107-crecherecords3Lobsters (Madeleine’s group) AM/PM register for May 3rd




Jellyfish (twin’s group) PM register for May 3rd


Given the obvious impossibility of these times being accurate, I will afford 15 minutes either side of the times in/out. So, 0855-0925, 1210-1240, and afternoon 1430-1505, 1715-1745.

crechetimesOcean Club call records for selected time periods


And that is that. I hope these reference blogs will be of use to the reader, if not right now, then down the line as pieces fall into place. I am still considering which area to tackle next, with tackling the Marais efit being the most likely next up. Feedback is, as always, greatly appreciated…



‘Other’ Call Records Pt. 3

Forerunner: ‘Other’ Call records Pt.2

Call records less examined, Part 2: Dolfino Phone Box

Miss Part one? Click here


The Dolphin/Dolfino phone box entered relevance early in the case, as the owners of the Dolfino restaurant both mentioned an unusual man hanging around the phone box in the days leading up to the events of May 3rd. A photofit was drawn up from Dereck Flack’s sighting, and was corroborated by the Marais couple. A photofit was also drawn up from the testimony of Lance Purser, who was describing an individual he saw in the weeks before (likely not the same person).


Left: Flack/Marais efit, Right: Lance Purser efit

I believe I have identified a strong candidate for this efit (with documented link to Gerry), but for now I will continue providing the call data, and circle back to that in a future post. You can read Dereck Flack’s statements here, the Marais couple’s statements here (Adriaan Marais) and here (Lizelle Marais), and the PJ dilligence carried out on the Marais efit here.


Dolfino Restaurant/phone box in bottom left, McCann apartment (5A) and Creche noted for reference/perspective

I’m sure it need not be said, but remember that these are records from a public phone box, as such the majority of names/numbers here probably are irrelevant. But the testimony of the Marais couple dictates that we should perform dilligences on all these numbers, and particularly those which correlate with their given times.

Only outgoing calls are listed in the files, and only one document. Phone boxes have the facility to be dialled, so where we see very short calls, it is possible they were dialled back. If this occurred, we are not afforded the records here (which is not to say that the PJ wouldn’t have that data).


Dolphin Restaurant callbox records

You will note immediately that rather than ‘unknown’, I have marked one number with an asterisk. This is due to the frequency and specific timing (always around 0055 or 1812-25) of the calls to this number, the calls never exceeding 90 seconds. This is a Lisbon number, and unlisted. I have been told that it could possibly be a governmental department number, or a private number, for instance a diplomat. The only embassy with matching initial 6 numbers is the Senegalese embassy – not enough to make a match. However as it’s a Portuguese number, it’s fair to assume that the PJ could, or did track this number down. Thank you to Isabelle McFadden for this information re the likelihood it’s a diplomatic number. Thanks also to Beatriz Belchior for her recent efforts to help me identify this number, which reached the same conclusion.

Moving forward:

Peter Hember – A native of Bromsgrove who frequently visits Praia da Luz. Works for a cement company based in Worcester. Aside from an unidentified Bristol-area number, his is the only other number dialled more than once, and it is maybe of note that the calls he received were ‘between 1600-1800’, which is the time period Adriaan and Lizelle Marais both made reference to seeing the ‘suspicious man’.

Craig and Helen Richards – A couple in Brentwood. Called once just outside the time period given by the Marais couple.

Hugo Sagres – Likely surf tutor Hugo Figueirido.

Samuel Filipe – Former Algarve resident, now lives in the UK with his English fiance

‘Pmdeloureiro’ – Probably Paulo Maia de Loureiro, a Lisbon resident and former purser at TAP Air Portugal. Long call (21 minutes) and falls within the time period given by the Marais couple. Note that this is not a 100% identification.

EDIT 28/01/18 – With a little more digging in the files, I have confirmed the above in this document.


Ricardo Kiki – A Lagos resident, involved with XRX Bmx group. Facebook friend of Wim Bosman (owner of Dolphin restaurant).

Delvira Rosa de Jesus Reis – A resident of Nova Santa Barbara, Brazil.

Amy Tierney (Doncaster) – Amy Tierney’s home number in England. Amy Tierney was the Head of the Baby and Mini clubs at the Ocean Club (Madeleine was in the Mini club). First called at 1711 for just 2 seconds, before two later calls (4 seconds, then 5 mins 54 seconds) which sandwich a call to Amy’s mobile number. It would be fair to intimate that these calls are inter-related.

Amy Tierney – An 11 second call to Amy Tierney’s mobile number. Note this is an English mobile number. As mentioned, this call falls between the 4 second call to Amy’s Doncaster home and the 5 mins 54 seconds call to the same. There is less than a minute’s gap between all three of these numbers being dialled. Amy’s statements make no mention of calls earlier in the evening, and some of the nanny’s statements imply that she later knew which child was missing in short order.

Amy’s interviews


I felt the Bristol number may be of some relevance given that it was also dialled on the 3rd (as well as the 1st). As I noted above, the number is a Bristol one. I was only able to find one mention of a Bristol resident who worked at the Ocean Club, that being Steve Carruthers, who was informally interviewed according to the files, at the same time people such as Chris Unsworth and Alice Stanley (sailing instructors) were interviewed. He now works as a Physics teacher at a Bristol grammar school.


Next up, I will begin presenting the data from the Ocean Club call records. These are over multiple sheets so please bear with me as I present them, it will take some time to do so.

Forerunner: ‘Other’ Call records Pt.2

Forerunner: ‘Other’ Call records Pt.1

Call records less examined, Part 1: GNR

Please note: This blog will inevitably contain names and numbers which are in all likelihood not related to the case. I include all identified numbers for the sake of thoroughness. If you happen to be one of these names and wish your number removed, please feel free to contact me.

This series of posts will serve in part as a reference section. As such, it will be sterile of interpretation as much as possible, though I will add relevant details about names. As usual, I encourage any feedback, corrections or additional information.

For the most part, I have superimposed names of callers on these documents. Unidentified numbers are either left blank or marked ‘???’. In some cases a blank number is identified in the column on the right, for example on the GNR document, which I will begin with.

It is claimed frequently in the media that the McCanns called the GNR immediately, and they ‘took 40 minutes or more to arrive’. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as the following GNR document shows. While the Tapas group claimed to have gone to reception and called the GNR (Gerry, Russell or other depending on which account we read), they were in fact all in 5A arguing loudly until the GNR were called at – yes – 22:41.


GNR call records for night of 03/05/07-early morning 04/05/07
(Image resized by WordPress)

If you are unable to view the image well, please click here for better resolution.

The number ending ‘809’ is the GNR Lagos number, if the number is in the right hand column that means they RECEIVED the call, if it is on the left then they MADE the call.

Calls above ‘Greentrust SA’ are all irrelevant – again, simply identified for the sake of being thorough. Taking these in order, then;

Greentrust SA – This is the Ocean Club. Although there is a separate Greentrust SA building, the number presented is the same as the number presented in the OC call records, hence we can fairly accept that these two calls were made from the Tapas reception as claimed.

Instituto Nacional De Emergencia Medica – A call from the emergency services to the GNR.

Securitas Direct Portugal LDA – Alarm company – this would appear to be automatic dialling when alarms are tripped. There are earlier and later calls from here and it is more than likely likely irrelevant.

Barend Weijdom – A Dutch property manager in Praia da Luz. He was interviewed by the PJ on the 16th of May. His interview appears to make no mention of his 23:01 call to the GNR, indeed he intimates that the GNR arrived ‘around 5 minutes’ after he was made aware of the search. The times he recalled were incorrect (stating events were unfolding at around 2145-2150). He claimed to have searched the beach area. Managed Apartment 5E (same block as McCanns, next door to the O’Brien/Tanner apartment). Unclear what other properties he was responsible for.

Silvia Batista – Head of Maintenance and Services at Ocean Club. Interviewed at least four times, two of which were in May, and two in July. At no point does she mention calling the GNR, indeed she says she was ‘made aware’ of the situation at 2230, and GNR arrived after her. Silvia made interesting comments, such as corroborating the ‘praying Arabs’ pose of the parents, and her shock at them requesting a priest around 3am. Silvia later procured keys for apartments, in anticipation of Martin Grime’s work.

AV Dr Barahona, Evora – GNR building in Evora, calling GNR Portimao.

Wim Bosman – A South African living in Praia da Luz, also having roots in nearby Odiaxere. I have found nothing relevant linking him to the night’s events, however he does appear to own the Dolphin restaurant with his wife. According to Lizelle Marais, Wim was out at a bar with her husband Adriaan when she heard about the events unfolding.

Bruna Goncalves – I have marked this number as likely reassigned, as the person it’s assigned to looks to be in her late teens at most. There is a precedent for reassigned numbers, for instance Robert Murat’s number is now assigned to an unrelated lady in Portugal.

PJ Portimao – As noted. For some reason, the ‘time’ column is incorrect from here and downward, so it is unclear if this call was at 1053 or 10 minutes past any hour after midnight.

PJ Lagos – PJ in Lagos.

In Part Two I will look at the Dolfino callbox, before tackling the lengthy Ocean Club call records.

Forerunner: ‘Other’ Call records Pt.1

Re ‘The House on the Black Rock’; Corrections and Feedback

Through the magic of WordPress, I have been able to see where this post has gone, and what feedback it has generated. I decided to make this blog post as a kind of response, as I cannot reply everywhere.

I want to put the reminder out that what I presented is a theory – I do not state anything as fact. It is a theory and I have floated it to see how it is perceived, in particular pushback. Healthy debate is valuable and this medium has, to my surprise, opened me up to a wider group of voices, many of whom have knowledge greater than mine in this case. This is invaluable to me, and I want to thank everyone who has made comments, good or bad. It has introduced me to forums I never knew existed.

I encourage healthy debate from any and all comers – I do not engage in ‘anti vs pro’ nonsense, nor forum politics/fracas. These are irrelevant distractions.

This is how the referrals for December 28th looked;


Unfortunately, the thread on MMM is not accessible without signing up.

I want to thank ShiningInLuz for their insightful comment on the ‘Miscarriage of Justice’ forum, snark aside;


Any contemporary memory of the building/area is valuable. There were/are also kennels within a short distance of the ‘toilet seat’ villa. The nature of concealment would therefore be important. As mentioned there is a cavity after the building is demolished, so there would’ve been an area beneath ground, perhaps a basement or septic tank.

I don’t for a second think it is possible her body was there when the building was demolished. I think I made it clear in the article that she would’ve been moved BEFORE the demolition, not left in the rubble. That idea is highly implausible

I want to thank the wonderful Lizzy Taylor (aka Hideho) for providing me a video showing the McCanns’ arrival in Morocco. They were in fact not dressed in black on arrival;


Also, to correct myself – I wrote that the Morocco trip was care of Phillip Green, but in fact that was the visit to the Pope, not the Morocco trip.

The relevance/existence of Kate’s dream, and the value of Danie Krugel, were both mentioned in a couple of places. The blog says right at the start that Danie’s ‘credibility’ was irrelevant to where my research led me. I simply laid out how I got to the property.

As to Kate’s dream, Gerry McCann makes a clear statement about it outside court  -so doubting its’ existence because it wasn’t mentioned in a twitter summary of the court session is illogical. The ‘dream’ event was reported in the press both in UK and Portugal. Doubting press stories is, unfortunately, par for the course with this case (particularly since the Goncalo Amaral trials). However this landed before the press changed their tune abruptly and did away with negative stories about the McCanns. Additionally there was never any retraction of the words, never a peep from Ricardo Paiva saying he’d been attributed to false quotes.

In other words, arguing that it didn’t really happen is a moribund avenue.

Moving to CMOMM, there are several posts/arguments which warrant response. Begining with BlueBag;


I don’t believe that at all. Harrison arrived before the dream (June 21st). This is a strawman argument. And again, Krugel’s credibility is and wasn’t the point of my article.

Harrison was brought in to investigate ONE avenue of possibility, that Madeleine had been murdered. Therefore his methods would have been what they were whatever happened. The dream may have psychologically spurred the investigation, but it did not affect an ongoing investigation which was already looking at the possibility of her death and concealment.

As to self incriminating, I do not profess to know what Kate was pointing toward, but the timing and corrollary with Krugel/Harrison makes me believe there was SOMETHING that was ‘meant’ to be found. What that was, again, I don’t know. Certainly her body was not at the construction site.

There is another evidence of ‘planted’ evidence in Russell O’Brien’s Aljezur ping and the De Telegraaf search, but this is another blog post in itself. Press incorrectly attributed an ‘incriminating’ call on June 10th to Russell (note again the timing of this) – it was in fact a call with David Payne.

Another criticism on CMOMM was that I don’t provide evidence of calls and pings. I have sheets and sheets of the call records and have identified all the numbers that I can. Here is an example – this corroborating the David Payne correction. A page full of these sheets would make eyes go fuzzy (speaking from experience!).


So I don’t fill up pages with these records, but can easily post them if requested. Saying I am ‘inventing’ these calls is a ludicrous ad hom.


As a rule I do not engage in debate when people resort to ad hominems, especially when that is their first port of call.

I was initially pleased Tony Bennett entered the debate (note – my username on CMOMM is April28th);


Unfortunately, with the greatest respect for Tony, this is not an argument. This post simply implies that because it doesn’t match his confirmation bias, it’s wrong. In all my research, I have not found anything directly incriminating about Robert Murat. I do think there are questions to be asked about his lies and changing statements, but, not to lower the tone here, it is right there in the files that while people were searching for Maddie on the fateful night of May 3rd, Robert Murat was..


Yes – watching pornography. So much for the idea he was out and about. And his activiy the previous days implies normality.

As Murat goes, perhaps I should make a separate post, but I think if he was involved it was in a peripheral, proxy way – oblivious. Whether it was arranging a car or access to a property it’s not possible to say. But I have seen absolutely no reason why he should be incriminated.

Many others could have been used in the same way. There are a number of people related to property in Gerry’s call records. As mentioned in the article there are names like Michelle Chessman, Duane Wessells, John Hill (manager of Ocean Club), Peter Dodwell (contact with Jensen) etc. Murat is NOT the only one related who had access to properties and is not the only one who could’ve been duped by proxy.

John Hill remained in contact with Gerry throughout the time in Portugal. Altruism or self preservation?

The issue of hairs and haplotypes is a debate I can’t pretend to be knowledgeable on. It’s my understanding that the hairs matched Murat and Tanner, but could also belong to thousands of others. The implication is that he’d be a willing patsy and get a big payoff from the press when it blew over.While I believe there were certainly ‘conspiratorial’ events, this one stretches credulity for me.

Sharonl posts the following quote from the Sunday Express, dated December 2nd, 2007;

Dr Russell O’Brien, 36, has come under investigation after a team of telephone surveillance officers highlighted a mobile call made to the missing four-year-old’s father more than a month after she disappeared.

Portuguese detectives are now working on the theory that a call made between Gerry McCann, 39, and Dr O’Brien is the missing link that could help them find Madeleine’s body.

Investigators are focussing their inquiry on the exact whereabouts of Dr O’Brien when the call was made on June 10.

Gerry McCann said the call was made within four kilometres of the Mark Warner resort.

But technicians have now dismissed his claim after examining data records taken from specified areas near to where the child went missing.

It is understood key words aroused police suspicions.

This goes back to the issue of Russell and his Aljezur ping. However the article is inaccurate as the June 10th call was David Payne. Gerry called Russell on May 7th, at 22:34. I suppose I should include the sheet showing this, lest it be suggested I am ‘inventing’ something;


I was pleased to receive praise from Dewi Lennard, aka Kikoratton, on twitter. It’s my understanding that he has spent as much, if not more time on the phone records as I have. I would be interested in working with Kiko in future, as it’s possible we each have numbers the other couldn’t identify.


But back to debate. The following is from Tony Bennett;


The aztec rug/Arao search/Stam statement/De Telegraaf hitting the press with the story all happened on June 13th. I made no suggestion that this was the building atop Rocha Negra, and I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion. These are separate events, but both linked. The Arao/Telegraaf search and Stam statement came on exactly a week after the McCanns left Amsterdam, and Gerry had a lot of contact with Dutch friends on that day (yes I have phone records for that day).

As to whom I spoke to, I believe in confidentiality, I am awaiting permission to name the person in question. If I threw out names not I would swiftly lose the trust of those talking to me. My efforts are to reaching the truth, and one day getting Madeleine the proper burial she deserves. Sacrificing this for forum politics would be ludicrous. So I await the ok from said person.

I have now been given permission to mention the name. It is Susan Puren who I was talking to and who provided the information here.

The fact that I ‘successfully’ helped remove a nonsense rumour that harmed an innocent family (not the Naylors by the way) should not be a source of suspicion. I fail to see the correlation. That for me was a case of morality. Posting photos of children puts them in danger.

I am proactive in contacting people. Sometimes they want to talk, other times they simply don’t reply. The fact others (not Tony) find it objectionable is completely irrelevant to me. Lauding your own sensibilities is not an argument.

I will show here again the phone tower map showing how Russell could easily have visited Arao or Barragem da Bravura before or after he pinged Aljezur. To correct the image – I DO now have the time of the ping before Aljezur, it was Luz at 13:28.

Proof of above statement;


Map (note the above correction);


Then I have the following challenge:

I have already provided plenty of phone evidence here, but yes, you are correct that she is in Gerry’s call records. The fact noone has publicly mentioned this is not an argument.



I am rather disappointed in the reaction of Tony Bennett. ‘Privately’ I have shared a lot of my research with him and even tried to debate via email. Tony has an open line of communication with me. But rather than contact me, he chooses this avenue, as if he is unaware of the work I’ve done and that he has access to. I find this behaviour odd. I have never had a personal problem with Tony, and I have all the respect in the world for him. But this has been detrimental to my willingness to share research and work with him in future, and I think that’s a shame.

Another one from Blue Bag:


Again, a strawman. I said the family were pinging in the triangle on that day. Sagres and Budens.

*Correction on image, it was not the first time they went West, they had previously visited Sagres


Hortas do Tabual chapel sits right in the middle.

On to Facebook.The following are from the group ‘Madeleine McCann – Abduction or Scam?’. The lovely Charlene Kane asks some good questions;


Looking at the photo, it is hard to judge (again I am unable to post the image unless I get permission). To me it looks more like a towel, but it is dirty and hard to really tell.There is also a can on the floor beside it, suggesting maybe people have been sitting on it while drinking. So I am reticent to make any judgements on it. The location it was found is a few metres from the precipice.

Having now gained permission to share it, here’s the image, judge for yourself..


Kate mentions going to the ‘high part’ of the cliff on the day she was surrounded by dogs. If we are looking for leakage, here it is.

Janine Bresnick brings up Father Haynes Hubbard:


I have tried to find out where this house was without success.There was a place in the Club Phase area (next to the Millennium) owned by a couple whose surname was Hubbard, but that is not near Rocha Negra and it’s very loose to assume they are related. Maybe a good area to research in future.

The following are from the Hideho CONTROVERSY of Madeleine McCann group. Riley Marilyn shares some very interesting quotes from Kate’s diary;


And Karen Bayliss gives an interesting suggestion re the white structure beside the chapel;


Comments and corrections are welcome…

Re ‘The House on the Black Rock’; Corrections and Feedback

The House on the Black Rock

Rocha Negra, in English, translates as ‘Black Rock’.

It’s a title that seems made for a movie. Yet, I have found myself increasingly of the belief that one small property sat atop the Rocha Negra may have initially been used to occult the cadaver of Madeleine McCann.

Why, and how?

This discovery started when I was recounting a couple of well known events in the McCann case: the arrival of Danie Krugel, and Kate McCann’s dream of seeing Madeleine’s body lying on a hill. Both of these things would appear to be related, in a way I was not expecting to find.

For the sake of this article, I will not pass comment on Danie Krugel’s device, or credibility – as I believe he was potentially brought in as either a distraction, or as one who would ‘find’ something at an opportune time. I will go into this further on.

Kate McCann’s ‘dream’ was referred to as a turning point in the case.

“She said she had dreamt that Madeleine was on a hill and that we should search for her there…She gave the impression that she thought she was dead – it was a turning point for us.”

 – Ricardo Paiva

You can read more about it in this Telegraph article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/portugal/6977977/Madeleine-McCann-mothers-dream-was-turning-point-in-investigation-court-hears.html

The location given for this sighting was reported in the press as the Rocha Negra. While we should be careful about taking this as gospel, it’s worth pointing out that this story was never retracted, and the articles with maps are still online and they circle the Rocha Negra. There is never any hint that Kate was imagining a hill ‘outside Praia da Luz’.

This phone call occurred when Gerry was away in America (in fact he seemed oblivious to the call having occurred outside the courtroom, saying cleverly that Kate never had a dream about seeing Maddie ‘buried’) – alone and fragile. Was she perhaps trying to point towards this area for a reason?

Let’s turn momentarily to Danie Krugel. Contact with Krugel is initiated on June 9th, when at 21:48 Gerry calls him for 12 minutes 38 seconds. According to the records in the PJ Files, he had been recommended via email (also from South Africa). It will be over a month before Krugel arrives in Portugal. During this time – and just after he leaves – there are a smattering of contacts between Gerry, Krugel and Susan Puren (an South African investigative journalist). It is later said that whilst in Portugal, the McCanns effectively ignored Krugel, and when they finally met – before Krugel and Puren left – it was a very abrupt meeting in which the South Africans were ‘made to feel like they were meeting Royals’.

This is rather at odds with the fact that it was Gerry who initiated contact. Why initiate contact and request help, only to completely ignore that help until the last possible moment?

Whilst Krugel was on site, Mark Harrison was brought in – but more on that later.

Krugel produced a map, showing the areas he had searched, and which he felt would be worth further investigation.

daniekrugelmapKrugel’s map (the irony of using an out of date historic Google Earth image is not lost on me)

While press reports had it that Krugel had ‘pinpointed an area on the beach’ or ‘believed Maddie was at sea’ confused things, I was told privately that neither of these were in fact true.

Krugel’s triangulation isn’t visible here, though there is an odd photo from the ground with an impossible-to-interpret couple of lines drawn over. With that being the case, out of curiosity I made my own ‘triangulation’, using the ‘blanket area’ pin up towards where it says ‘start of search’. This was the rough result;

ktriangleRough triangulation area (note I used the same historical map Krugel did despite the June 22nd one being more contemporary)

I started to look along the ‘line’ between the top and bottom of the triangle, while also noting that the path Kate described jogging up Rocha Negra via falls in this area (the white path passing the Freud villa/Casa Colina), and that it does not reach as far as the ‘trig point’, otherwise referred to as the ‘obelisk’ near the top of Rocha Negra.

Rocha Negra trig point, aka ‘obelisk’

Immediately I couldn’t help but notice an unfortunately shaped Villa right along the line, whose shape had me mentally labelling it the ‘toilet seat’. Flicking through the historical imagery available, I noticed that it was unchanged in 2007, but by 2011 was being redeveloped, and today is a very attractive modern villa. But aside from metaphors about caterpillars to butterflies, and an odd square structure in the back garden of the new villa (fleetingly I wondered if it was some kind of shrine), nothing really stood out aside from first impressions. Judge for yourself;

Pre-redevelopment, the ‘toilet seat’ villa
Modern villa as present today. Odd square shape only interesting element (not historically extant)

Not finding anything, my mind went back to Kate’s words. She saw a body ‘on the hill’. So far this triangulation only had me looking at the base of Rocha Negra. What if this were expanded to include the summit itself?

I immediately sat up as I came across what I did next.

Sat atop Rocha Negra, beside the Boavista golf course, on May 30th, was an empty and seemingly derelict building. Next to it, on an adjacent lot, was a construction site. I clicked forward – the only other date the area was photographed in 2007 was, fortuitously, 3 weeks later – June 22nd. I was shocked to see that by June 22nd, this property had been demolished, and there was industrial machinery on site.

But, surely, this was coincidental? After all there is a construction site right next to it. I decided to look before and after 2007. The furthest back I could look was September 2004 – and the property stood just as empty then as it did in May 2007. And looking forward, two facts; the adjacent construction was for a separate build, and to call the area redeveloped was an understatement; here now stands the ‘Eagles Eye’, a six bedroom luxury house, let by none other than Ocean Country! This seemed too far outside the realm of coincidence.

Aerial shots of ‘Eagles Eye’ location between 2004 and 2007
Eagles Eye listing: http://www.ocean-country.com/property-for-sale/villa-lagos-praia-da-luz/526

Next, I cast my mind back and remembered a great blog piece I read in the past about June 9th. I am no longer able to find it, so if any reader could point me to it I would be very appreciative and credit the author. The article had described how on June 9th, nearly all of the McCann family was in Portugal, and that this was likely the day they all ‘said goodbye’. This was the day before Kate and Gerry flew to Morocco, and arrived dressed in black.


McCann movements based on phone pings, June 9th

Some interesting things come out of June 9th. It was the first time the family pinged West of Praia da Luz. Around the return to Luz Gerry is twice called by Mike Keenan of Control Risks Group (they also have a long conversation the following morning). Just after 2100 Gerry calls Father Pacheco. A few minutes later he makes his first contact with Danie Krugel. And according to press reports the next day, he also spoke to press and made some unique statements. Snipped;

“There’s been a lot of emotion in the last 10 days. In the first few weeks when I slipped into dark moments of despair I was finding it quite easy to emotionally switch a light back on, but I’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to do.

“More importantly, I don’t want to do that anymore. I want to be able to grieve and let those emotions out.”

The main countries where appeals might help had been covered, but now it was time for a break, he said.

“We’ll still meet with the Portuguese police as we have done fairly regularly and with the British police,” Mr McCann said. “But it is definitely going to be a period of reflection. We can’t keep doing the same thing week after week, the coverage will dwindle away.

“What we want to be sure of is that what we put our energy into is effective.”

Mrs McCann said speaking in public about the search for her daughter was a useful “distraction, but it’s time to step back from that”.


Mrs McCann said the couple woke every morning hoping it would be the day Madeleine was found.

I do actually feel close to Madeleine here [in Portugal]. She could actually be further away from here than she is from the UK but I feel emotionally close to her here.

“People have told me that I could do the same, if not more, back in the UK, but I can’t face leaving.”

From: http://themaddiecasefiles.com/topic4427.html

It us odd that Gerry singles out the last 10 days – the media tour – as emotional, rather than the last month and 5 days. As has been noted by statement analyst Peter Hyatt, the focus here is very much on ‘me me me’ and not on Madeleine. The need to ‘grieve’ relates to a bereavement, this is not a word you’d expect to hear from a parent optimistic of finding their child. And Kate explicitly says she feels close to Madeleine in Portugal – a sentiment that she does not drop over the years that follow.

So June 9th Kate says she feels close to Madeleine in Portugal, late July she says she dreamed of her body lying on a nearby hill. June 9th Gerry calls Danie Krugel, late July Krugel has been and gone, after looking at the same area Kate mentioned, finding just a towel, which isn’t mentioned in the files.

Whether these things were related or not isn’t possible to say, but the cluster of events is interesting.

So, during the 3 week period in which the old property at Eagles Eye was demolished, the family potentially ‘said goodbye’, and there were possibly forensic traces left atop Rocha Negra (and/or Arao – I will write about Russell’s trip another time). June 9th falls around 14 days after the Scenic was rented. Gerry described the last ’10’ days being hard. Is this the period Madeleine’s body was moved – before the demolition? Was it reinterred on June 9th, when everyone was West of Praia da Luz for most the day?

It is worth noting that the Hortas do Tabual chapel lies within the triangle. The later visits to the triangle would be explained easily with the idea that the couple (or Kate alone on some days) were visiting the chapel for some peace away from Luz and the eyes of the world. That these pings start in July, and right after Kate’s ‘slip up’ phoning Paiva (literally as soon as Gerry touched back down in portugal in fact), may not be insignificant.

Oh, and right next to the Hortas do Tabual chapel is now a house, but in 2007 was a pretty quiet and slow construction. Just what looks like a white crate was on site;


Hortas do Tabual chapel and construction area

While it isn’t possible to make any conclusions, it is certainly interesting the amount of boxes ticked between Eagles Eye and Casa da Eira – in 2007 at least.

Did I mention that Mark Harrison actually mentioned the property in his report too? This escaped my notice totally until I looked for it;

An inhibiting factor is that since the disappearance of the child an old empty house adjacent to the Trig Point on the Rocha Negra has been demolished and all rubble removed, If she was concealed within this property the search would be unlikely to detect her now.

There are a few other disparate reasons to look at Eagles Eye as a possible area of interest, namely;

– The connection to Boavista golf course. There are many links here. There were calls to the golf course from the OC on the day of the 3rd. John Geraghty, who acquired the church keys for the family, is golf captain there. Rothley’s own Danny Spillane played there and gave lessons in the region. Gerry’s phone contact in Burgau, Frank Sharpe, also plays there. And HIS facebook contact, Duane Wessels, also plays there (Wessels stayed at the OC as a guest of the resort until the day before the ‘disappearance’, and is involved in Algarve property). It would take just one of these people to hear about the property and gain access – with them knowing how/why or not.

– The fact the property is now advertised through Ocean Country, the estate agents run by Angus Symington. The Ocean Club was formerly owned by John Garveigh and David Symington. They are/were effectively sister companies in the same resort. There is plenty of phone traffic between them.

– The fact it sits atop the logical jogging route which the parents were known to take heading up Rocha Negra.

– The property lists having a septic tank. There is a clear concavity under the demolished structure on June 22nd. It may have been possible to hide the body beneath ground here before it was moved.

– The fact the property is so close to Casa Colina – I don’t personally believe that anyone at Casa Colina was involved with whatever happened to Madeleine while alive, but jogging past it, and being in contact through the right channels, they could’ve been tipped off by someone there (this is the weakest aspect in fairness)

Condensing this all down into a series of basic events by their date. Each of these probably deserve an individual post each;

  • 7th of May – Russell O’Brien pings outside Praia da Luz, in Aljezur. Pings show he could have pinged Aljezur from much further South than Aljezur – as far down as Arao or Barragem da Bravura
    – Russell calls Gerry late that night, the only night there is phone contact between them aside from a 59 second call on the 5th (until one call months later)
  • 27th of May – McCanns rent Renault Scenic
  • 30th of May – Aerial photo shows old building still standing on Rocha Negra
  • 6th of June – Netherlands press conference, Gerry catches up with old colleagues at Vumc.
    – Gerry receives a call about information from PJ but ‘dismisses it’
  • 9th of June – Gerald McCann states in an evening phone call that the family are entering a week of grieving and will stop making appearances around Europe.
    – First contact is made with Danie Krugel.
    – Most of the family is in Portugal
    – Pings as far South West as Sagres for the first time (though not the family’s first time there), as well as Budens. Calls to Mike Keenan of Control Risks Group and Father Pacheco in this time
  • 10th of June – Morocco trip.
  • 13th of June – De Telegraaf letter hits the press, a week after the family have left Netherlands. Searches are carried out in Arao. One sole photo of an ‘Aztec rug’ being removed, and some press reports of Madeleine’s dna being found. Variously referred to as the product of a mentally unstable man, or matching a letter which had tipped off the location of two missing Dutch girls a year earlier.
    – Stam sighting in Amsterdam
    – Gerry makes several calls to his former colleagues in Amsterdam (Beek and Nijveldt)
  • 22nd of June – Aerial photo shows the property atop Rocha Negra has now been demolished. Demolition must have occurred in the period between May 30th and June 22nd – merely 3 weeks
  • 17th of July – Danie Krugel arrives and begins his searches, finding a pink towel atop Rocha Negra
  • 21st of July – Danie Krugel searches end and he returns to South Africa
    – Mark Harrison arrives and begins searches in his identified ‘sectors’ with the aim of finding a body if Madeleine had been murdered (the sole hypothesis his presence was to analyse)
  • 22nd of July – Mark Harrison report is drafted, and laments that a property has been demolished on the Rocha Negra
    – Gerry McCann flies to Washington
  • 26th of July – Gerry returns from Washington, drives straight to the ‘triangle’ area, likely picking Kate up on the way. Visiting the chapel in Hortas do Tabual?


Followup to this blog: Corrections and Feedback

The House on the Black Rock