‘Other’ Call Records Pt. 3

Call records less examined, Part 3: The Ocean Club

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In what will likely be the last piece I do on external call records (lest my eyes start glazing over), I will finish by looking at the records afforded us in the files regarding Ocean Club phone traffic.

It should immediately be noted that even though this was an ‘off season’ period of time, there were still a significant amount of people in the resort, and likewise a lot of traffic is ‘noise’ so to speak. Many calls will be business related – whether relating to excursions/activities, provision of food from the supermarket,  administrative calls, utilities etc.

There are also a lot of extensions within the resort, so without further information, it is not ever completely fair to assume where exactly a call originated. Bear in mind the following from the files in this;

The search for the detail of this number was done on the main telephone number, which is a DDI with 100 extensions and therefore only the communications made via operator appear as number 282771000, all the others are on the main number 2827710.


With the above in mind, I will also make clear calls that take place during the time periods that Madeleine was reported to have been collected/dropped off at the creche.

As there are five sheets to go through, I will take these in order. As always, I request/encourage any and all corrections, feedback or further information on anything presented here (especially unidentified numbers). And as mentioned in Part one, if you see your number here and wish it removed, I can adjust the post in future if you contact me. This series of blogs is intended for reference, not invasion of privacy.


Ocean Club calls in from 00:00:38 to 14:08:55 on May 3rd, 2007 (original)



Lagos Marina Fax – This is an interesting one to begin with. Quoting from the Lagos Marina website;

Incoming mail will be accepted if addressed c/o Marina de Lagos – Edifício da Administração, 8600-780 Lagos, Portugal.
The name of your yacht must be clearly indicated.


This implies that any business with the Marina would regard a single vessel. The PJ investigated what yachts were docked at the time (and contrary to media reports, the ‘Fun Too’ was tracked down and bore no mystery). To my knowledge, there has been no mention of a link between any OC guest and ownership of a yacht. It bears mention here that Kate McCann singled out a yacht in the Lagos Marina (the Shearwater) asking the PJ to investigate it based on a friend’s vision. It too was ruled out. Kate later asked a friend to pray for Madeleine at the marina.

Of course, all of these things could be extraneous to the specific faxes, but there is every reason to make sure. As well as early on the 3rd, there is also a fax there around 07:09 on the morning of the 4th.

Boavista Golf/Antonio Castelo – Antonio Castelo is ‘Director of Golf’ at the Boavista course. This specific number is ascribed generally to the course, but is also attributed to him personally.


Parque da Floresta Golf Resort Fax – Two numbers, both appearing to be ascribed to fax facilities at the Parque da Floresta resort. The number ending 0055 is more specifically golf course related, whereas the other is more generally the resort. The phone number ending 0054 is similarly for the golf course. Parque da Floresta is West of Praia da Luz, at Vila do Bispo.


Telepac Assistencia – A helpline for the ISP company now known as SAPO.


‘STC Supplies’ East Midlands – A curious entry, this number being ascribed to a Nottingham property which advertises businesses online, either STC Supplies (simply stating ‘tools’), or ‘Commercial Microwave Services’, which while having a different number ascribed, still has the same address. I was unable to find company records or even websites/advertisements for either of these. Nottingham is 27 miles from Rothley.

Credito Agricolo Luz – Fax and phone calls to CA Bank.


Ocean Country – A former sister company of the Ocean Club, so to speak. Ocean Country is a high-end estate agency. Run in part by ‘Murat lookalike’ Angus Symington.

Optico/Mamede & Son – This number is ascribed to both ‘Oculista da Luz’ and ‘Mamede & Filho’. In fact they are one and the same, ‘Mamede Optico’, and located on Rua Direita.


A Cegonha, Boutique Bebe e Pre Mama – Here we have two very short calls (15 seconds and 29 seconds) to a baby boutique store in the Lisbon municipality of Vila Franca de Xira.


Cristina Rio – I have only been able to source the name.

Edit 03/04/18 – the number in fact belonged to Vitor Manuel de Jesus Santos in 2007. Source

Thomas Cook – Holiday operator.

Mark Warner Holidays – Holiday operator.

Ana Matias (RE/MAX) – A RE/MAX realtor.


Ciclolagos – Advertised as offering mechanic services/sporting equipment. Business does not seem to be active any more, or has moved.


DVLA Driver Enquiries – UK DVLA Driver Enquiries.


Gascan – Energy company.


EDP – Energy company.


Jose Monteiro & Filho Lda – Company selling fuel.


British Vice Consulate, Portimao – The information provided in the sourced link is of interesting reading. This call was made around 1404 on the 3rd. It lasted just under three minutes. Given the information on their website, their number is not much use unless there is some kind of emergency or bereavement. However, we must qualify this with the fact that this was 2007, we werent all walking around with google in our pockets. It is entirely possible that the call to the Consulate was an errant one, its duration reflecting this as the ‘correct number’ for whatever issue was passed on.



Ocean Club calls in from 14:12:16 to 23:57:21 on May 3rd, 2007 (original)



Taxi Praia da Rocha – Taxi service for Praia da Rocha, which is literally South of Portimao.

Dr. Eduardo Brandao OR Ferro Perreira – This one has been a headache. Most searches turn up the number as Ferro Perreira, a gynaecologist/obstetrician based in Faro. However if you search the number with ‘Truecaller’, you get Dr. Eduardo Brandao, a vascular surgeon based in Lisbon. It is possible that Dr. Brandao previously worked at/ran the building which Ferro Perreira now does, but I have not been able to verify this either way.

It should be noted that Catriona Baker stated she saw Madeleine McCann dropped off at the creche at 1445, and this short (one minute) call comes at 1457. Nowhere in her published interviews does Cat ever mention seeing Maddie again – instead just saying Kate ‘went to get her’. If this was really the last mentioned independent sighting of Madeleine (and we must allow for the fact that the Portuguese interviews are only summaries, thus may miss a lot), then this call in theory could be very important.

Sources: Ferro Perreira Eduardo Brandao

Oceanico Group – An Algarve based golf resort company, with events curated by members of the Symington family, hence linked with the ‘Ocean’ name.


Bounceroo – Another oddity – despite the cartoonish name, a glance at Bounceroo’s website reveals them to be an above average quality party, catering, wedding, event etc organising company. Based in Norwich. No discernable links that I can find.


‘Ocean Luisa’ – Likely OC receptionist Luisa Coutinho.


Latincom Pt. Albergaria Artesanato – I have not been able to surmise much about this location, only confirm that it is in Odiaxere. It is/was either a hostel or craft store.

Edit 02/06/20 The number belongs to Julio Pires at Quinta da Achado in Odiaxere. He is listed as owner of Latincom. The company is also (possibly erroneously) listed as having the website foundationland.com, this was a Woking based real estate company (source)

Regaldino Bodiao/C.R.R Informatica e Servicos lda -A general IT store. Call lasts 2 mins 48 seconds. Possibly relevant if someone in the resort was asking how to wipe computer records, but again this would require followup to confirm.


Chris Critchlow – Chris was a secretary for Mark Warner until 2014. A tight band of three calls are made to him (home, then mobile twice), none exceeding 25 seconds in length. The nature of these calls should be ascertained.


Ze Joao – No details ascertained. Possibly the ‘Ze’ mentioned in Jeronimo Salcedas’ rogatory.

TV Cabo Lisbon – A communications company, similar to Virgin or BT, offering tv, internet, phone etc. Now known as NOS (also Zon in the interim). Thank you to Beatriz Belchior for clarifying this for me.


Via Directa – Albufeira based travel agents.


Luis Barros – Barman at Millenium restaurant. His statement makes reference to a call informing him of the events, but no mention of the earlier (21:21:55) call he received, also from the OC.


GNR – Guarda Nacional Republicana, see Part One

Jeronimo Salcedas? – Outspoken Tapas barman. Made references in his rogatory to later phonecalls. This is not a verified identification, but based on an educated guess. Number is confirmed in files.


EDIT 22/04/18: The number 01256363155, previously marked as ???, is a landline assigned to ‘Mr and Mrs Reap’ according to this pdf. This is a Basingstoke address, and OC guest Colin Donald Reap is based in Basingstoke, so it’s fair to assume it’s his number. It is interesting to note that while the Mark Warner arrival lists state that their booking was for three people, including their 3 year old daughter, every run sheet lists just 2 people in their apartment, even after they extended their stay by a week. There are 2+1 listed on their sole Tapas evening (05/05), though, and they don’t appear to have used the creche at all.

+351913420534 Belongs to Tiago Rocha Barreiros


Ocean Club call records in from 23:57:48 May 3rd to 12:15:13 May 4th (original)



Gordon Spence – Currently Head of Customer Services for Mark Warner.


Igreja de Santa Maria (Portimao) – Church in Lagos. Who was calling the Lagos church at 0432, and why?


Bruna Lourenco – I have been unable to find an individual by this name, however I did confirm this is NOT Nuno Lourenco’s wife, as her name is Birgit.

Rui Cruz/Aviludo Rui Octavio – I was unable to find further information on this name.

Ricardo Velho Martins – As above, I couldn’t find anything solid enough to warrant mention.

Ines Lopes – Former editor of the ‘Algarve Resident’.

Mark Rawcliffe – Commercial Director of ‘Algarve Resident’


Fotozoom/Manuel Gameiro Silva – Photographic equipment.


Silvia Batista – Head of Maintenance and Services at Ocean Club.

Source (interview)

Info – Number is assigned to the word ‘Info’, but with no small hint of irony, I am unable to find any information about the number.

‘Nik Dick’ – Another example of an unhelpful name being assigned. At a stretch it could be a nickname for Nicky Gill, but just as easily could be short for a name like Nick Richards. As such need more information to make any judgments.

Phillip Worral Solicitor – Lancashire based solicitor.


Policia Judiciaria Portimao – Policia Judiciaria in Portimao



Ocean Club call records in from 12:17:23 to 17:34:25, May 3rd 2007 (original)



Transmarsil/Refrige Fax – Another confusing entry. Either the fax number for ‘Transmaril‘, a Loule based haulage company, or ‘Refrige‘, also based in Loule, which deals with soft drinks like Coca Cola.

Alexandra Soares – Algarve based Property solicitor.

Social Services Centre Lagos ‘Centro de Assistencia Social Lucinda Anino dos Santos’ – An establishment founded in the 1920’s, providing support and education for underprivileged youths.


Baptista – The supermarket chain.

Jinny Harman – Villa Management company.


‘Dulce Ar D Rio’ – Unknown

John Hill – Ocean Club manager. Despite his role he appears to have only been formally interviewed in June. Hill maintained contact with Gerry McCann into the end of August. Strangely, Hill’s number was listed as unidentified, while his wife’s number was on record.

Source (interview)

The Sovereign Group – ‘Company Formation’ in Portugal. This call was on May 4th. Quoting from their website, they offer;




Faro Airport – Faro Airport.

Ken Gillespie – Glasgow area code, no other information to hand.

Bom Dia Actividades Maritimas – Boat trips from Lagos.


Avelino – Unknown.

Jose Novo – Local resident of Lagos.


Ocean Club calls in from 17:35:53 to 23:21:43 on May 4th 2007, plus operator dialled calls from May 3rd (original)



Craig Mayhew – Then UK Operations Manager for Mark Warner. Flew out to the resort in short order if the run sheets are accurate (booked in under ‘Mahye’ since May 4th according to May 5th run).


Silves GNR – These are odd calls. They are made at around 1500 on May 3rd, and via operator,  but rather than local GNR, Silves GNR are called, twice. I have seen no mention of earlier events at the resort involving GNR, much less 15 minutes after Cat Baker last gave a time to seeing Madeleine. Geographically, Silves is further from Luz than Portimao. Have these calls been explained?

Batista & Batista – Batista supermarket.


Now, bearing in mind the following creche sheets (for whatever you consider them worth), here are calls condensed down into the time periods Gerald or Kate were said to be at the creche dropping off or picking up the children:

processopdf01page107-crecherecords3Lobsters (Madeleine’s group) AM/PM register for May 3rd




Jellyfish (twin’s group) PM register for May 3rd


Given the obvious impossibility of these times being accurate, I will afford 15 minutes either side of the times in/out. So, 0855-0925, 1210-1240, and afternoon 1430-1505, 1715-1745.

crechetimesOcean Club call records for selected time periods


And that is that. I hope these reference blogs will be of use to the reader, if not right now, then down the line as pieces fall into place. I am still considering which area to tackle next, with tackling the Marais efit being the most likely next up. Feedback is, as always, greatly appreciated…



‘Other’ Call Records Pt. 3